Signs Of Cheating

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10 Signs Of Cheating

An affair by either partner can destroy a marriage and breach a trust with your partner. Ranno Investigative Services understands the sensitive nature of marriage that obtaining the evidence that it is occurring is necessary in order to make those difficult decisions that await. Our Investigators will diligently uncover all the facts and deliver them to you in the form of a detailed investigative report, DVD and photographs.

Below are some of the most common signs of cheating by men and women as observed by Ranno Investigative Services during the last 23 years of infidelity investigations:

  1. Partner is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy with you.
  2. Partner is over protective of their cell phone and / or adds a new passcode
  3. Partner begins a new diet / weight loss / new gym membership and doesn’t care that you notice
  4. Partner begins to acquire a new wardrobe and is grooming themselves more regularly
  5. You find unexplained items in your partner’s car that never make it into the house
  6. Partner becomes “accusatory” toward you and begins accusing you of having an affair
  7. Partner begins staying out later and cannot be reached when they are “missing”
  8. Partner calls you frequently to find our where you are so they know they’re safe
  9. Partner has become very secretive about even the smallest things
  10. You find unknown numbers on partner’s cell phone or bill