Medical Malpractice Fraud
In Connecticut

Medical Malpractice Fraud Investigations

As the medical field has grown over the last two decades, so has the medical malpractice claims and as a result, so have the fraudulent claims. Fraud claims are almost as common today and frivolous lawsuits, but these fraud claims are aimed directly at medical personnel.

 According to the Institute of Medicine, each year between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die in hospitals due to preventable medical errors, compared to only 43,000 who die in car accidents. So it is true that actual malpractice occurs but with the numbers so high, it becomes easier for fraudulent claimants to take advantage of a system designed to pay for injuries, therefore, becomes an open door for fraud.

Because of those numbers, hospitals or healthcare workers accused of medical malpractice will hire private investigators to determine the truth and possibly discredit the claims made against them.


An example of fraud, proven by Ranno Investigative Services, was a claim that after a minor surgery, a claimant had loss of function in the arm which was operated on. After an extensive surveillance and investigation, evidence was uncovered of the claimant using their arm, at full capacity, to perform labor intensive actions for a sustained period of time. The claimant was forced to drop the lawsuit and repay all legal fees associated with the fraudulent claim.



As the legal process is very expensive and in most cases, the accuser’s attorney will contract Ranno Investigative Services, to conduct the investigation, there are many cases where the accused with hire medical malpractice investigators themselves because it’s more cost-effective.


By hiring Ranno Investigative Services, the legitimacy of a client’s medical malpractice dispute can be determined to be legitimate or possible fraud. In which case, evidence is collected to prove the fraud is occurring.

Medical Malpractice Fraud