Child Custody Investigations
In Connecticut

Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Serving All Of Connecticut Including, Hartford County, Middlesex County & Fairfield County.

During child custody cases, initial consultation with you includes the development of the most useful strategy, which will be kept in constant consideration by all investigators involved in the case. As an emotionally uninvolved third-party, Ranno Investigative Services investigators are in the position to maintain focus on your objectives without loosing sight of what is important to the investigation. Once our private investigators have an understanding of the situational background, our experience will allow our investigators to assist you in defining your objectives and preparing your strategy for the investigation. The process of gathering evidence in support of your legal position can involve many methods of investigation. It is often the case that only one or two of the services listed below are necessary in child custody investigations because your case may be strong enough based upon the laws in the State of Connecticut. However, it is just as frequent that child custody investigations require a number of the services listed below.

  • Background Investigations on all parties to see what their history is and what type of environment you child is in when with the other party.
  • Surveillance on the premises where the child stays during visitation times to see who is visiting and how often and their history.
  • Video Surveillance of anyone that takes the child on the road to see their care while with the child and where they visit.
  • Witness interviews of all ex-friends and neighbors to determine the common activities that occur while your child is at that residence.
  • Skip-tracing of any persons that are believed to be important to the history of anyone near the child.
  • Financial Asset Research if an attorney requests those records.
  • Other discreet methods of inquiry to develop new leads and information that can be used against the other party to hinder their visitation rights.

Because Ranno Investigative Services has investigators all across the State of Connecticut, our company can offer all of the necessary services for the situation at hand. Our investigators are fully versed in child custody and family laws. That is especially helpful in matters involving child abduction by a parent who has left the state.

To obtain more detailed information concerning investigations of specific child custody investigations, you may email our investigators or you may contact us as (800) 572-8806.