What is Child Custody Investigations (CCI)

Even if you and your spouse are divorcing amicably, determining child custody arrangements might be the most challenging part of the process. You want to establish your role as their parent and make sure your kids are in the greatest possible circumstances. If you feel that your ex-spouse is unable to give your kids the finest environment possible, the concept of joint custody or a visitation schedule may be unsettling. The court may designate an investigator from Family Court Services to carry out what is known as child custody investigations if you are involved in a child custody dispute, especially one involving temporary orders.

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What do Child Custody Investigations involve?

Child custody investigations aim to determine whether a parent is capable of caring for their child in a safe, suitable, and professional manner. The parent’s court will hear the testimony regarding how they raise their children and any worries about child protection. A custody inquiry can result from this. Parents are observed during an investigation. Inadequate or complex relationships and care are given extra consideration. Investigators are taught to note and handle child safety issues such as negligence, violence, maltreatment, or abuse of drugs or alcohol by the caretaker. It’s also possible for the investigators to offer proof.

While the separation or divorce settlements are going on, it is crucial to follow up on any worries you may have regarding your children’s safety while they are with your ex-spouse. A private investigator for child support can gather crucial information that might enable a judge to decide whether your ex is able to give your kids a home that is secure, healthy, and loving.

The court will determine the child’s guardianship after receiving a report from the investigator on their conclusions. The parents may be granted one of the following categories of custody depending on the results of the investigation:

  • Parents that have legal custody have the ability to make choices on the child’s behalf in court.
  • Physical custody: Under this type of custody, the child will reside with one parent or the other.
  • One parent has physical and legal custody of the child when they have sole custody. Despite having visitation privileges, the other parent is not allowed to make decisions that affect the child.
  • Joint Legal Custody: In a joint custody arrangement, the child’s two parents share decision-making authority. If there is a significant disagreement, the matter will be resolved in court.
  • Joint Physical Custody: When a kid has joint physical custody, both of the parents are given equal time and access to them.

What do private investigators look for in a child custody case?

To substantiate a client’s assertions in a child custody dispute, a private investigator for child support will have a bunch of tasks to undertake. They will be responsible for gathering the data and evidence required to prove the accuracy of the client’s claims. The court will reject any inadmissible or inaccurate evidence. Depending on the scope and intent of the custody investigations, private investigators may obtain information from a variety of sources. A private investigator can provide proof of the other parent’s drug or alcohol use for their client. It is also possible to utilize a private detective to find out if a parent has actually hired a nanny to watch their child rather than spend time with them.

Investigations into child custody are occasionally the result of a bitter divorce in which custody becomes a point of contention (sometimes for excellent reasons, sometimes because emotions run too high, and sometimes due to something in the middle of these two extremes). If you are in a situation that necessitates hiring a CCI is necessary, a skilled child custody investigator can assist you. At the same time, your attorney can help you navigate the procedure. On the other hand, hiring a skilled family lawyer is the best course of action if the other parent of your children has asked for a CCI. It’s critical to remember that parents who are the subject of an investigation may object to CCIs.

A private investigator’s main objective is to ascertain what the best alternative is for the child because selecting the proper guardian for a child is a hard decision. Such a probe would provide you with proof to support your case in court and ensure that your child is in a safe custody environment. Child custody is the subject of numerous inquiries. A parent may make decisions on behalf of the child if they have legal custody, for instance. But a child can only live with one parent who has physical custody. Generally, parents ask for sole custody, which involves the child not only living with one parent but also allowing that parent to make choices legally pertaining to the child’s affairs.

Why Hire a Private Investigator for a Child Custody Case?

The greatest thing that can be done while gathering evidence for a child custody dispute is to work with a qualified private investigator. Private investigators with experience in child custody investigations have received training on how to handle evidence and the best ways to gather the data they need. In order to ensure that they respect the law and safeguard the evidence, they are also knowledgeable about divorce case legislation and other pertinent laws. Only insofar as it is pertinent to and admissible in your case for child custody will you be permitted to offer this evidence to a judge?

As is the case in the majority of situations involving an ex-spouse, hiring a private investigator for child custody near you to gather information is usually more successful and economical than trying to do so on your own. Several facets of your ex’s parenting may be investigated by a private investigator, including any hidden assets that could affect child support responsibilities, evidence of substance misuse, and signs of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. DUI convictions in the past, criminal background, and the presence of a new love partner who interacts with your kids. History of alcohol or drug use, particularly prior to having children. In addition to monitoring and background checks, there are many more techniques for a private investigator to gather information. In order to find out whether anybody else has any concerns, the inquiry may also involve speaking with your neighbours, your kids’ teachers, and/or their counsellors.

What does the court look for?

The court’s objective is to establish a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of your children. Even if your ex-spouse could have visiting rights, if you are the only parent with legal custody, you alone can make essential decisions for your children. When deciding on custody and visiting arrangements, a court may consider a number of factors, including the preferences and developmental requirements of a child, the capacity of each parent to meet the physical requirements of the child, each parent’s ability to comprehend and provide the child’s emotional and relational needs, The child’s existing environment, including its educational, religious, social, and cultural institutions; the state of each person’s mental and physical health.

Even after you have gathered every piece of evidence you can, you still need to be aware of the specific types of evidence that can be used in court. Knowing what evidence will be considered in your favour and what will not suffice is crucial since a judge would not accept any type of evidence. For example, suppose there is proof of child neglect or abuse. In that case, factors such as the parents’ financial security, their lifestyle, health, and daily routines, criminal histories or a history of complaints, their use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, and their emotional health are all taken into account.

Hiring a private investigator for child support.

If you are still pondering whether or not a private investigator for child custody near you should be hired or not, here are a few reasons why you must hire them:

  • Both law companies and individual clients employ private investigators to obtain data for calculating and enforcing child support. In order to assist a parent in calculating child support, a private investigator may employ specific strategies during the divorce process. Without an investigator, it will typically be your word against the other parent’s, which is less effective. Law firms or individuals may employ private investigators to discover assets (and liabilities, such as debt) that may be relevant before child support is decided. A professional investigator can help ensure the playing field is fair. It is common for a spouse to try to hide assets once they fear divorce is inevitable.

A private investigator for child support cases can also be hired once the case has been completed, but in the event that the spouse has not been making child support payments.

  • When a former spouse has stopped making payments, private investigators are employed again in child support disputes. This results in a large number of families and kids being deprived of the financial support the courts had promised them. Tracking down parents who have changed their addresses or identities in order to avoid paying child support is something that private detectives can undertake. They can locate a parent’s location of employment so that payments for child support can be withheld from their paycheck. They can also carry out surveillance to demonstrate that a non-paying parent has a means of support that allows them to make payments.

While hiring a private investigator, there are also some things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is essential to find out how much would a private investigator for child custody cost you. Every private investigator charges differently, and charges can be based on their experience, their ability to deliver results with concrete proof while retaining complete anonymity, and much more. It also largely depends upon the kind of work and how extensive it is. When hiring a private investigator, keep in mind that:

  • Investigations Do Not Ensure Desired Results: Just because an investigation is conducted does not guarantee that the outcomes will be what you desire. The only thing a private detective can do is look for and collect data. There isn’t always enough information to support a claim. This is to say that if your spouse is a good parent, that is what the report will reflect, irrespective of whether you wish to get that as the outcome or not.
  • The distinction Between a Collection Agency and a Private Investigator: This is to say, a private investigator doesn’t make any efforts to contact your former spouse or collect a debt or payments that they owe you. Instead, the investigator will compile the essential data and deliver it to you and your lawyer so that you can then forward it to the relevant agency. This would enable you to appear before the court and claim damages for the hardship caused to you because of your spouse’s neglect to pay child support.

Keeping these factors in mind, you should assess carefully whether or not you really should hire a private investigator or not. This is to say that a private investigator for child custody cost can be pretty steep, and if you are looking to find damaging evidence while being aware that there isn’t any, then you are losing money only. A private investigator cannot forge results or make up fake evidence as it would make grounds for the revocation of their license. Hence, it is essential to be aware of all the loopholes before making any decisions.


An essential element of a guardianship case may be a child custody inquiry. The legal disputes over child custody can be tense and uncertain. To achieve a successful outcome, you should make use of all the tools and services at your disposal. It is common in custody disputes to need to demonstrate a parent’s ability. Suppose you are worried about your kids’ welfare while with the other parent or guardian; a family law private investigator can help you with the proof. They can also assist you in responding to criticism of your parental qualifications from the opposing side.

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