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Ray Ranno Private investigator Connecticut

My Name is Investigator Raymond C. Ranno

Owner Of Ranno Investigative Services, LLC

If it’s experience you’re looking for in an investigator, you may want to give my agency a call. I, personally, have been in the field of Private Investigations in Connecticut for over 30 years. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys, insurance companies, self insured companies, universities, police departments and the private sector in a wide range of investigations that now make our agency one of the most experienced in Connecticut.

Just for a little background, I first began my investigative career, as an apprenticing investigator, with a small agency in the South side of Hartford, CT. Hartford Security Investigators specialized in infidelity investigations as well as locating missing persons. We had a wide array of cases we worked in Connecticut as well as across the nation.

I then moved to another, larger, investigation company in Southington, CT. That company specialized in surveillance of Insurance Fraud cases. There I perfected the art of mobile surveillance, covert surveillance with hidden cameras, and undercover investigations. I completed the remainder of my 5 year apprenticeship there and then obtained my State of Connecticut license as a Private Detective.

A co-worker and I then opened our own agency, ESI Investigations, which was based out of East Hartford, CT. We quickly became one of the largest insurance fraud detective agencies in Connecticut. We worked for every insurance company that was licensed in the State of Connecticut and caught hundreds, if not thousands of fraudulent claimants. We also brought in, Ken Tramadeo, a retired Newington Police Officer who handled our Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Investigations. I worked closely with Ken for many years and perfected additional skills in personal injury, criminal defense, techniques for testifying and much more. Ken has passed since and is sorely missed.

In 2001, as our agency was becoming quite large and I felt I was no longer investigating but training those who worked for our agency, I separated from ESI and opened Ranno Investigative Services based in Middletown, CT. I liked working as a single-person agency as every Investigation I conducted was done with my expertise and care. Every investigation report, surveillance video, witness statement and testimony was handled by me, the owner, which was very important to my clientele.

To this day, I continue to work as a single-person detective agency here in Connecticut. After 30 years in the business, I am trusted by my clients and am able to obtain the evidence they are looking for in a timely manner. As a potential client visiting my website, you can be assured that if you need services from my agency, you will ALWAYS get me on the phone and working your case. Please contact me at 860-305-7640 or private chat with me on this site for more information on how I can help you with your investigation.