Enhancing Security: How GPS Tracker Rentals Keep Your Assets Safe

GPS asset tracking involves attaching a GPS device to any asset you wish to track. It then transmits data and information about the asset’s location to a central system via a wireless network. You can keep track of the location, speed, and direction of your asset(s), like cargo, machinery, and other significant items, in real-time.

GPS tracking systems have become increasingly popular in the state of Connecticut, US. Securing valuable assets through GPS tracking, like cargo, goods, jewelry, medicines, and other essential assets, should be a topic of key interest in today’s world.

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What Are The Various Advantages of Using GPS Tracking Systems to Safeguard Your Assets?

Long-distance delivery of essential and emergency goods, or of items that are expensive and hold very high value, need to be kept an eye on 24×7.

This is where a reliable GPS tracking system comes in handy. It can help you to track the location, direction, and speed of your traveling assets. Besides these perks, such a system also sends alerts and cautions whenever the assets deviate from their intended positions or paths.

Securing valuable assets through GPS tracking and Preventing theft with GPS trackers are some of the basic uses of a good GPS tracking system. Here are some of the other advantages of a GPS tracker:

  • Advanced asset management

GPS tracking provides detailed information about the asset, such as its position, speed, direction of motion, location, and activity. These bits of specific data may be used to maximize asset use, reduce downtime, and identify maintenance issues early on.

A reliable GPS tracking system can also help you identify potential maintenance issues before they become serious problems in the long run, thereby reducing money and downtime.

  • Real-time tracking

GPS tracking system for the proper monitoring and protection of assets, features real-time location tracking. By using this tool, you can keep a constant eye on your assets and figure out their locations in real time.

This, in turn, helps in planning and executing the necessary operations more effectively.

  • Prevention of theft

Preventing theft with GPS trackers is a no-brainer. These tracking systems enable you to track the real-time location of your valuables and provide warnings and alerts every time your assets are moved without authorization.

Such a system can effectively thwart potential thieves and enhance the chances of retrieving stolen goods.

  • Decrease in expenses

An effective GPS tracking system has the potential to significantly lower your costs. Reducing the likelihood of theft, optimizing the use of assets, and increasing operational effectiveness may all result in financial savings.

By reducing the risks of theft and damage, you can further minimize expenses that are related to lost and stolen goods, including replacement costs and lost revenue.

  • Mental peace

GPS tracking has proven to provide mental peace and sanity to business owners and managers in the state of Connecticut, US. When you know that your assets are being monitored 24×7, and every little movement is being observed, you feel more at ease regarding your security and safety.

Asset tracking with GPS rentals in Connecticut can potentially help you determine the best action in an emergency threat situation and provide an idea of how to proceed.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, the other benefits of utilizing GPS tracking systems to safeguard your valuable assets include:

  • Helping in the events of an emergency and sending emergency vehicles to the spot.
  • Keeping track of children and pets.
  • Ensuring employee productivity by tracking them promptly.
  • Creating geofences to make sure that all work vehicles are used only as they’ve been intended.
  • Monitoring the driving habits of different employees.
  • Protecting aging adults suffering from ailments like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Protecting employees who travel alone and are exposed to greater levels of danger.

Various Assets Protected by GPS Tracking Systems

When it comes to GPS Tracker Rentals near Bridgeport, CT, you can easily avail of one by researching online or going through local advertisements in your city.

Talking about Preventing theft with GPS trackers, these effective monitoring systems are known to safeguard a wide number of assets. The asset list includes vehicles, cargo goods, large pieces of equipment and machinery, freight, jewelry, medicines, and even livestock.

Construction businesses in and around the state of Connecticut, US, often use this effective security and monitoring system to keep track of their vehicles and track the location of their equipment and fleet managers.

The transportation industries in the state of Connecticut make use of GPS Tracker Rentals near Stamford, CT, to track their cargo and ensure their safe arrival.

Types of GPS Asset Trackers

When it comes to the GPS tracking services in and around the state of Connecticut, the GPS Tracker Rentals near New Haven, CT, makes use of three different types of GPS tracking devices.

These are namely:

  • Rugged GPS Hardwired Device,
  • Battery-Powered Devices, and
  • OBD2 Port Device.


  • Rugged GPS Hardwired Device

This is an incredibly tough monitoring device that’s permanently hardwired to your vehicle. This ensures enhanced security and, thereby, lowers theft risks from your vehicle(s).

This product is suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and heavy pieces of machinery.

The live location can be shared with the customer so that they can see you arrive. In addition to that, keeping track of the vehicles to ensure that they’re within mobile range at all times can also be done with this form of GPS tracker.

  • Battery-Powered Device

GPS Tracker Rentals near Hartford, CT, are known to provide these battery-powered GPS tracking devices. These tracking systems allow customers to track anything without the need for a power supply.

Bicycles, pallets, cargo containers, and so on can be tracked and kept a constant eye upon using these battery-powered GPS tracking devices.

Due to the probability of assets being stolen and left in some unknown place, these devices come with a battery life of up to 7 years. In addition to it, battery-powered GPS tracking devices provide long-term asset tracking and theft recovery.

Asset tracking with GPS rentals in Connecticut, US, has indeed made it possible to use such monitoring devices to track machinery or cargo just by the use of two screws.

  • OBD2 Port Device

Since this type of GPS tracking device is small and reasonably priced, it is suitable for fleets that are constantly on the move.

This type of GPS tracking device plugs directly into your car and is a great option for fleets that change their vehicles frequently. Business owners and managers still need to keep track of their fleets and the constituent valuable assets, even when they’re out of mobile range.

Therefore, the managers and business owners will always know where their team is and can confirm their attendance whenever a customer inquiries.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Vs. Buy a Fleet GPS Tracker

GPS tracking systems are extremely sophisticated and pricey, which makes them an offset for small business owners. Even for the people trying to use it for their personal needs, this can be a huge ask!

The outright price of a fleet GPS tracker may be outside the budget of large business owners, let alone the average smaller ones.

For this primary reason, it is always suggested to rent GPS tracking systems rather than buy them and burn a hole in your bank account.

GPS Tracker Rentals near Waterbury, CT, promises to provide you with these three perks, which are sure to make you realize that renting is always the more sensible option as opposed to buying.

Saving the flow of your cash- Most small businesses struggle with the flow of their cash as they have a lot to account for, and they need to ensure that their business doors are always open and running. Adding a fleet GPS tracker might feel like another wish list item, which isn’t pragmatic at all.

By renting a GPS tracker technology instead of buying one, you are going to save money and protect the flow of your cash. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of proper monitoring and safeguarding your items without having to freeze your assets.

Spreading out the costs- The upfront cost of buying a GPS tracking technology is extremely high. There is simply no other way around this fact apart from renting an affordable GPS tracking system for your business needs.

When you’re renting a stable monitoring system like GPS, you’re spreading out the cost.

Instead of worrying about investing loads in new technology, simply rent it out and keep your overhead low. This way, you can keep your business expenses in a balanced manner.

Offload tech support- When you’ve purchased a brand new GPS tracking technology, you become responsible for every system upgrade, management, and maintenance.

Whereas, when you rent these monitoring and security services, it is a headache for the rental company to handle these tasks for you.

For comparatively smaller-scale businesses that are not tech-savvy, this is surely one of the most compelling reasons to rent GPS equipment rather than buy it.

Meeting the POC requirements- Proof of Concept is a business principle that requires a business to determine whether an idea is something that should be made a reality or not.

For instance, the idea of making use of fleet GPS tracking devices. You need to think and rationalize, but unless you get hands-on experience, you won’t realize whether you need it or not.

By renting GPS tracking devices, you can essentially “trial” the idea out and get real data about the results. It might also help you to figure out what features you need to add to enhance the efficacy of the GPS tracking technology for your business.

Faster set-up GPS tracking rental services in and around the state of Connecticut, US, provide quicker and more efficient equipment setups. You can start to reap the benefits of a GPS tracking system right away when you rent it rather than buy it.

You don’t need to be able to afford a GPS tracking system to get a taste of it. Rent a GPS now and have a fleet GPS tracker system ready in a few days.

The process of purchasing a brand new GPS tracking system is never going to be this quick nor offer such fast results.

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying The Right GPS Tracker For Your Fleet

The various factors one needs to consider before opting for a certain GPS tracker include:

Compatibility- This is essential as it ensures that the GPS tracking device can collect all of the information that it offers, and you can utilize all of the capabilities without any difficulty.

Other than that, it’s also important to make sure that the device has no detrimental impact on the performance of your vehicle.

Most vehicles have a standard OBD-II port; hence, any good quality OBD-based tracking system should be compatible with your vehicle.

User experience- Your GPS tracking system is going to have some sort of an installed application that will provide you with all the data collected by the device.

Features like live maps, location alerts, and so on should be a fundamental part of the installed application to make the entire tracking system a user-friendly experience for the customers.

The customers should be able to find the data that they seek with minimal effort or confusion.

Reliability- With any electrical gadget, the main factor you need to consider is its quality. There are numerous low-quality and cheap GPS tracking devices available in the markets of the state of Connecticut. The hardware and software components of these devices do not meet the required standards of quality.

Even vendors are reluctant to replace or repair such low-quality equipment. As a result, make sure to choose the right GPS tracking device for your fleet.

Frequency of data updating- The data refresh rate is the frequency with which your GPS tracking application refreshes its data points. A shorter time lag is considered to be better. This implies that you are getting real-time information from the tracker, which is continuously adding new data points.

The best GPS trackers in the state of Connecticut US, have a data update rate of a few seconds. This means that the customers receive the information as soon as it occurs and are going to be able to act accordingly.

You must contact us at Ranno Investigative Services if you’re looking for the best GPS tracking systems in the whole of Connecticut. We serve the cities of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, and Waterbury and have been in the GPS tracking and security services industry for over 20 years. We promise to provide the best quality tracking devices in the industry, and that too, at reasonable prices. Our GPS trackers, combined with our licensed investigators, are sure to assist you with all the evidence that you might need.

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